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A decade ago, we fell in love with a version of our house. Most of the houses we’d looked at had white walls, tan carpet, beige tile, and no personality. This house had some creative and funky touches that made it stand out.


As we lived with this funky new house, we began to understand that we weren’t really in love with the specific design elements. We were in love with the idea of a house that perfectly reflected our specific tastes (did I mention we were young and dumb had a lot to learn about…everything?).

Dining area

Along the way, we’ve taken on a few projects and then quickly outgrown the preferences that inspired them. A taste for bright greens, vibrant blues, and yellows gave way to sophisticated neutrals. Chicken wire gave way to woodgrain. Burlap to shiplap.

Living room

We figured out what we loved.

This blog is about what we would like to think is our design adulthood.

This blog is also about the realistic. We have 2 young kids, a mortgage, a car note, more credit cards than we’d like to admit, and two full-time jobs. These hard facts leave us little time or budget space to beautify our home.

So how do you make a home beautifully yours on a shoestring budget and just a few days a month?

Let’s figure it out together.